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Sun Kil Moon: That Bird Has A Broken Wing

(from Among the Leaves)

Sun Kil Moon’s new album "Among the Leaves" out today: Mark Kozelek’s brand of brooding folk, here in a very direct and spare form, accompanied simply by a nylon-string guitar, has been around for a couple of decades. But never quite like this. The lyrics here are extremely blunt — discussing the aftermath of a one-night stand he had on the road. “I’m half-man, another half-addict,” he sings. While the lyrics in “That Bird Has a Broken Wing” are blunt, Kozelek thinks common ground is to be found with this song. “‘Broken Wing’ is a very human, honest, relatable song. I think many people will relate to it, whether they admit it or not,” the Sun Kil Moon mastermind told Pitchfork recently.

May 29, 2012 // 10:48 // 2 years ago
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