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Now I feel like George Bailey after Uncle Billy admitted he lost the money. Like George, knowing my misplaced trust has negatively impacted so many people is heartrending. Unlike George, I am not tempted to jump off a bridge. Instead, I remember my late father’s rule: ‘You clean up your own mess.’
Republican Rep. Thaddeus McCotter • Writing, in an op-ed piece for the Detroit News, about his plans to run as a write-in candidate for his own seat after failing to secure enough signatures to run for a sixth term. The guitar-slinging McCotter made a pretty major tactical error last year, choosing to run for president at a time when his national profile was very low and the candidate pool was already very large, and making it barely three months on the campaign trail. Now he has just $200,000 to run a write-in campaign for Congress — to put it simply, his odds don’t look very good. (The full letter is worth a gander, by the way … it’s a lengthy riff on “It’s a Wonderful Life,” which starts with a quote from John Lennon. See, this guy knows his pop culture!)
May 29, 2012 // 10:01 // 2 years ago
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