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Over the weekend, a memorial day remembrance of a completely different kind arose. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, above, made a comment on the nature of fallen soliders and the way that many call them “heroes,” and drew a firestorm of reaction from the usual suspects — particularly due to the timing of what he said. Miss the controversy because you were too busy grilling something to go online? Here’s the round-up:

  • comment During his panel show “Up with Chris Hayes,” Hayes noted his personal discomfort with describing anything related to current or fallen soldiers as heroic, saying he felt the rhetoric justified further acts of war or violence.
  • response One tough take on the matter: Veterans of Foreign Affairs’ National Commander Richard DeNoyer called Hayes’ remarks “callous” and suggesting an “obvious disregard for the sacrifice” of soldiers and their families.
  • reaction As expected, bloggers and pundits are split on the matter, with some, like conservative Kurt Schlichter, condemning Hayes, while others — like Tumblr’s very own Dr. Ari Kohen — have offered a more subdued response. source

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May 28, 2012 // 15:30 // 2 years ago
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    I agree with him! He doesn’t deserve all the bullshit he’s getting! Our freedom as a country is not currently threatened...
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    I am furious about this! Chris Hayes is a really smart guy with a really smart show where he has other really smart...
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    I actually really agree with this guy.
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