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I am very happy to receive the news that Chen Guangcheng is on his way to the U.S. I look forward to welcoming him and his family tonight and to working with him on his course of study.
Jerome Cohen, co-director of NYU’s U.S.-Asia Law Institute • Expressing pleasure that Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese legal activist and dissident who’s escape from an extralegal house arrest captivated international attention the past few weeks, will indeed be coming to America. News broke today that Guangcheng was released from a hospital in Beijing, and was allowed to board a flight bound for the United States where he’ll study as a fellow at NYU. This had been floated a possibility recently, as releasing Chen on the grounds of studying in the United States allows both countries to ease back the diplomatic tensions that the incident had flared. source (viafollow)
May 19, 2012 // 14:16 // 2 years ago
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