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The decision was made by the British prosecutor. I got it confirmed by the CPS this morning that the decision to appeal the granting of bail was entirely a matter for the CPS. The Swedish prosecutors are not entitled to make decisions within Britain. It is entirely up to the British authorities to handle it.
Karin Rosander, spokesperson for the Swedish prosecutor’s office  • Revealing that Britain, not Sweden, appealed against Julian Assange’s bail. Which is kind of a big thing. “The Swedish authorities are not involved in these proceedings,” Rosander continued. “We have not got a view at all on bail.” Assange will find out tomorrow whether or not he’ll be allowed to be a (somewhat) free man for a few weeks. Oh yeah … there’s this. That’s right, the U.S. is now trying to build a case against Assange. Have fun with that. source (viafollow)
December 15, 2010 // 22:35 // 3 years ago
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