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Caption Contest: What’s Newt thinking during his final zoo trip?

Last zoo trip of the campaign: With the swimming-in-debt Gingrich campaign expected to end next week, Newt made his final trip to the zoo during this campaign, a place where he loves going. “While looking at the robotic dinosaurs, Gingrich would often critique whether or not they are life size,” noted NBC News’ Andrew Rafferty, who released the photos into the wild (sorry). With full credit to our pal Margarita Noriega, we’d like to ask you guys to caption these pics. In your response to this post, write the number of the photo along with the caption. What are you waiting for?

April 27, 2012 // 11:24 // 2 years ago
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  3. realvsable answered: Did he get bit by a robot?
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    Gingrich visits his new home.
  6. msriverblues answered: 2) Forget viagra. For me, it’s all about the horn.
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    Ah, Newt in his homeland.
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