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They said that they felt as if they were out there alone in digital land, under high pressure to get Web hits, with no training, little guidance or mentoring and sparse editing. Guidelines for aggregating stories are almost nonexistent, they said. And they believe that, even if they do a good job, there is no path forward. Will they one day graduate to a beat, covering a crime scene, a city council or a school board? They didn’t know. So some left; others are thinking of quitting.
The Post fails a young blogger (via frontofbook)

With some disclosure (I work for the Washington Post Company, but not at the Post proper) I’ll say that this whole situation is a real heartbreaker. My hope is that the Post can figure out a way to balance the need for fast-paced aggregation with its high journalistic standards. Worth reading is Ombudsman Patrick Pexton’s previous article on the subject. (He wrote this piece, too.) I don’t agree with every point he makes here, but I think that he’s pointed out an important issue — how high pressure, as is common with blogging trending news stories, puts bloggers at a disadvantage. — Ernie @ SFB

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April 22, 2012 // 10:25 // 2 years ago
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