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Anders Breivik’s American fan: Meet Kevin Forts of Worchester, Mass. Kevin is one of the few people who has shown support to the Norwegian mass shooter, saying that his actions display nationalism and that he dreams of meeting him. They’ve even become pen pals. Forts showed up in this video for Norwegian tabloid VG recently to explain his bizarre fandom. We’re not really sure what to say about this.

April 20, 2012 // 20:33 // 2 years ago
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    What a fucking scumbag. Cant even look at the camera because he knows what a terrible person he is.
  2. hypersonicscreech said: Worcester. Not Worchester. And it’s pronounced closer to “Wooster”. You’re welcome. :)
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    Speaking of nationalism, patriotism…
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    ^He said it^
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    Why is this news though? There are misguided people who will rationalize any terrible, indefensible action, thankfully...
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    Dear Brevik supporters (like communismkills), Sincerely, Liza
  11. oldmanyellsatcloud said: …Yikes. Thats like if Charles Manson had fanboys. Which, technically, he did.
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