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An Israeli soldier has been suspended after video of his violent reaction to bicycle-riding pro-Palestinian activists surfaced on Youtube over the weekend. Lieutenant Col. Shalom Eisner can be seen hitting a protester in the face, with the butt of his rifle, seemingly without provocation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attack, saying, “such behavior is not characteristic of the soldiers and commanders of the IDF (Israel Defence Forces). It has no place in the IDF and the State of Israel.” source

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April 16, 2012 // 16:34 // 2 years ago
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    This condemnation feels hypocritical to me. I’m sure it only happened because of the YouTube views, and that bit about...
  4. lettersfromtaiwan said: Bibi makes me laugh. This is unacceptable in the State of Israel but shooting tear gas cannisters at Palestinian heads isn’t … difference is this time they got caught on camera.
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    I’m on the edge of my seating waiting for this fair and thorough investigation.
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