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I hit him as hard as I could. He hit me hard as he could. It turned out he had more things to hit with than I did.
Newt Gingrich • Sounding pretty close to making a concession speech to Mitt Romnney in an interview on “Fox News Sunday” this morning. Gingrich, who previously sounded like he was banking on a brokered convention in Tampa to revive his hopes, stuck behind that manta, but says that Romney “far and away the most likely Republican nominee,” suggesting that Gingrich is seeing that possibility mostly as a pipe dream. Rick Santorum, currently running second, has said that he needs to win his home state of Pennsylvania to stay in the race — which looks like it might be difficult, as his fundraising is very weak at the moment. In other words, the inevitable is starting to look more and more inevitable.
April 8, 2012 // 20:02 // 2 years ago
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