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Does Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” sequel calm your concerns?

"Beyond Famous" wants to clear up misconceptions: In the month since the release of the first “Kony 2012” video, a lot has happened — extreme hype, massive viralityextreme backlash, widespread questioning, congressional action and a very public mental breakdown. But that hasn’t stopped Invisible Children from trying, and now they’ve released a second clip on the phenomenon, partly an attempt to calm concerns and to more sharply focus on what the charity does in Africa, and partly to continue interest in the story of the Lord’s Resistance Army’s Joseph Kony. Of note: The voice on the video is not that of Jason Russell, who directed and narrated the first clip but was the subject of the TMZ-plastered breakdown. What do you guys think? Does this help calm some of your concerns, or are you still skeptical?

April 5, 2012 // 10:58 // 2 years ago
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  3. drakestir1234 answered: I DO NOT KNOW
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  5. crackingkaleidoscope answered: Kony 2012: “What’s that, American Citizens, you wanted us to help Uganda? What a coincidence, there’s Oil there! Sure, let’s go!” - US Gov’t.
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  8. drake-abbychicka answered: nothing but pr spin..
  9. qbnscholar answered: This video is less about the white burden & self-aggrandizing, more about information & asking for support, so yes.
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  11. imperialscythia answered: I for one am disappointed by the lack of naked antics.
  12. plsburydoughboy answered: stillkeptical
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  14. demsaymention answered: Invisible Children is still a group with ulterior motives… they should clarify the whole oil situation in the LRA controlled north.
  15. popularconscience said: "The locals never forgot that Mr. Kony’s nine lives were licensed by the politics of the posse that has been hunting for him."…
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  20. lazybeautiful answered: Nope. Still won’t give them a cent.
  21. izzyb412 answered: I don’t need to watch this to know that they’re full of it. There are plenty of other more legitimate and worthy charities to give to.
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