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It turned out the real danger was not the weapons but possibly the horses. Anthony was allergic. He did not know how badly. He had a terrible allergic attack that first night after we crossed over the barbed wire. He had another attack a week later, as horses led us out of Syria, just 45 minutes from safety. He died during that attack, at only 43, his wife and nearly 2-year-old son waiting for him in Turkey.
New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks • Describing the events that led to the death of well-regarded journalist Anthony Shadid in Syria a few weeks ago. Hicks, acting as witness to Shadid’s fateful final week in Syria, wrote a piece describing what it was like in the country. “His Arabic allowed him to speak directly to people without the buffer of an interpreter,” Hicks writes of Shadid. “As always, he conveyed a genuine interest that made people open up to him; everyone was equal, no story insignificant.”
March 4, 2012 // 10:40 // 2 years ago
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