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It is the first step in restoring my good name and reputation. We were able to get through this because I am innocent and the truth is on our side. We provided complete cooperation throughout, despite the highly unusual circumstances.
Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers • On the reversal of his 50-game suspension. Braun, the most recent NL MVP, challenged a recent drug-related penalty and was successful in overturning it. Because his urine sample was not sent to the testing facility on the same day it was collected, the MLB Players Association announced the decision’s reversal. Not everyone agrees with this decision; Travis Tygart, the CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, claimed this reversal to be ”a real gut-kick to clean athletes.” source (viafollow)
February 24, 2012 // 11:20 // 2 years ago
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  1. lateralsymmetry said: What this really highlights is the importance of evidence handling. Here’s a great article by former lawyer-current baseball writer Craig Calcaterra regarding it: hardballtalk.nbcsports….
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