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swagandpassion says: Just thinking about the changes within the journalism industry and the shift towards digital media and different business models, I thought about SFB. Are you guys using the ad based model?

» SFB says: We use an ad-based model, but honestly, SFB hasn’t been so much about the business side of things as experimentation with news. So if it doesn’t make us rich, no big deal. It’s great for trying things. It’s great for taking risk, though. I’ll say this much, though: Advertising is a tough game on Tumblr, because most of your readers go through the dashboard where there aren’t ads, and ads on the dashboard would be controversial — you saw the frustration with the “highlighted” posts of late, for example. An open mention, by the way: If there was an ad-type who wanted to talk with us about all this, or who had any ideas for monetization, we’re totally game. It’d be great to make this something we could pay the rent with, but honestly it’s not our 100 percent focus. — Ernie @ SFB

February 15, 2012 // 16:31 // 2 years ago
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  1. mconor said: I wouldn’t mind seeing ads from you on my dashboard every once in a while, as long as you make sure they were for businesses that you believe in.
  2. swagandpassion said: Well I like SFB, so I’d feel a little better knowing you could earn a living off of this and possibly do reports/investigations and whatnot. You all know what are the stories and what needs more attention.
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