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Interesting Grammys side-story of the night: The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky made a couple of spare comments about Chipotle’s anti-factory-farming ad, which has been online for months but played during tonight’s Grammy Awards. What’s fascinating is the anger Topolsky drew for his animal-rights views and the fact that he didn’t take kindly to the fact that the ad glossed over the fact that Chipotle kills animals. The reaction to Topolsky’s pro-animal-rights comments brought out the trolls on Facebook and Twitter, with one commenter saying, “You are way out of your depth on this one! I’m having steak for dinner just to piss you off…” What do you think on sustainable farming and animal rights? And does the ad make you want to eat at Chipotle because they don’t use factory farming?

February 13, 2012 // 0:45 // 2 years ago
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  1. christinflynn answered: if u want veggies then eat em. but dont ask everyone else to. thats like telling alion he cant eat the antelope, not gunna happen lol :) srry
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    All I know is I was surprised to see that it was an ad for Chipotle… I guess after watching it, I expected something...
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  4. alleraspooks answered: Not only that, but no one seems to think of the poor factory workers who get paid shit for picking your vegetables.
  5. theeddiejones answered: I liked the ad. It was affective I thought. It got my attention. Didn’t really make me crave anything other than bying that willy nelson song
  6. ruqaiyahn answered: It doesn’t make me want to eat there, but, we do still live in a world where people eat animals pretty regularly. So…can’t be too mad.
  7. neblina answered: Food that is made in a factory is not real food. If Chipotle uses real food, well that’s just another reason for them to be my fav fast food.
  8. arigeezay answered: I think it’s a great step towards awareness, but in reality-if you didn’t kill it why eat it?
  9. bluemermaidstears answered: No it doesn’t make me want to eat there, but that’s mostly because their food is awful, without regard for their farming practices.
  10. ariedana answered: I started eating at Chipotle after the ad first appeared online. I don’t think serving meat excludes you from making good choices.
  11. levingtcinqdejuillet answered: Even if a farm doesnt produce from a factory, I dont want to eat meat that isnt from an animal that was treated well,grass fed and free range
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    I don’t eat fast food at all. But if I had to I would choose Chipotle over other chains because even if they are not...
  13. thehonestpalate answered: Chipotle is the best example of a wildly profitable chain trying to give a shit about their food. By no means perfect, but its a start.
  14. sade answered: oh you’re one of those ppl who puts 2 spaces after a period
  15. f055 answered: Animal-rights movement is pretty much full of shit. They want to save cute animals, but what about all the others? Rats, roaches, mosquitos?
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    Is it just me or do people who call meat murder overlook the fact that animals eat other animals every single day.
  17. pipperipembo answered: it’s still fast food. yes, it’s better than taco bell, but it’s still owned by macdonalds and you’re money is still not supporting locally
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    Actually the world would likely be a lot worse if we didn’t help animals by using them. Also Chipotle is a crappy corp....
  19. tomorrowisjustasongaway answered: it definitely encourages me to go there over other fast food
  20. plzdiekthnxbye answered: I work for Chipotle, yes they kill animals but the animals are treated far better than they would be in some factory!
  21. oldmanyellsatcloud answered: No, but thats more due to the quality of their food. Factory farming is just a bad policy, and I say that as the grandson of farmers.
  22. melissamontoya answered: I went out and had some Chipotle after the ad. It was either that or Five Guys. Sadly, Chipotle had run out of salty, but delish chips.
  23. theklr said: His argument is valid, however mass murder (on domesticated animals) nor veganism are practical ways for a vivable planet. Unfortunately since he said it on his public personality twitter, he kinda had it (the trolling) coming.
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  25. the-sf-lovely answered: I dont eat meat, but factor farming isn’t the only issue- it’s what the animals are being fed. Also, I think Chipotle is gross.
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    Sustainability should definitely be lauded. Animal products are and will continue to be a staple in people’s diets for a...