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mrthell says: Regarding the Jeremy Lin blurb, I believe it's actually an NBA record for most points scored in the first three starts of a career, not just a Knicks team record. Super Lintendo stories are actually most-read on the New York Times site right now, too. I can't remember that ever being the case for sports stories at NYT. Linsanity, indeed.

» SFB says: It appears that’s the case; the ESPN story we sourced didn’t make that statline fully clear, but another one says specifically that it’s the highest stat since before the ABA/NBA merger, and that a Knick held the previous record. We’ll update the story. Thanks for the tip. We don’t usually cover much sports here, but we’ve been covering Lin partly because it’s clear that he’s become a cultural phenomenon very quickly. — Ernie @ SFB

February 11, 2012 // 16:46 // 2 years ago
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