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We think the way that we have worked with the Occupiers has been a model … What we have noticed throughout this movement is that the movement changed. We continue to respect free speech.
Austin, Texas Assistant City Manager Michael McDonald • Discussing their handling of the Occupy Austin protests, after the group was removed from their encampment on Friday. A source tells us that there were a number of reasons the encampment was forced out — including rumors of a large-scale protest against police and an upcoming cultural event that the encampment would’ve affected. It’s worth noting that the way it happened was a little arbitrary — Austin officials essentially changed the rules of what, and despite them being there for over 100 days, the Occupy Austin movement was pushed out within an hour. High costs of police overtime were also listed as a factor for the decision. The group returned to Austin’s City Hall Saturday, but left on their own.
February 6, 2012 // 11:11 // 2 years ago
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