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Looks like someone isn’t getting their “tolerance” badge: This 14-year-old Girl Scout from California is calling for the boycott of her own group for allowing a transgender child to serve as a Girl Scout, which is fairly progressive for the group, but something they only allowed after initially denying the child. Progress comes with resistance, guys; here’s the resistance. source

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January 11, 2012 // 10:59 // 2 years ago
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    It makes me so angry that people actually think like this. I will be ensuring my parents and friends and every single...
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    Oh dear.
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    I’m pretty stoked I was a GS in Colorado growing up. Goooooo Colorado. And yes, I’ll be buying mounds of cookies this...
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    What is wrong with this girl?
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    This bitch is a psycho and so is anyone who agrees with this filth!
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    I think we should tell the Girl Scouts to permanently kick this girl out.
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    Do not “not support” Girl Scouts because of this video. Once this girl attends a college course on gender studies, she...
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    The stupid video formatting this intolerant ass has is fucking adorable oh, ‘and my family’. So her dad’s probably...
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    PEOPLE SUCK PEOPLE SUCK PEOPLE SUCK this is so horrible holy shit
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    What a great excuse to buy far more cookies this year than I normally would! Also, in my day as a GS I realized that GS...
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    This is ridiculous. Who is she to say these things?
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    gtfo you dumb fucking bitch. with that cross hanging around her neck, she might as well be wearing a dunce cap. it’s...
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    clearly this girl scout isn’t following the “and be a sister to every girl scout” part of the girl scout law.
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    proud of the girl scouts organization, i had no idea. purposefully going out of my way to buy cookies this year, and i...
  21. heyfootballhead said: didn’t know this, thanks for posting! one more reason to buy those thin mints.
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    i really don’t think she understands what she’s talking about, and it’s really sad because she very clearly knows how to...
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    She should be shot in the head
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    This fucking bitch needs to be kicked out of the Girl Scouts for attempting to give us a bad name. I myself graduated as...
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    I just want to punch her in the face. What gives her the right to be a fucking bitch
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    What a dumb, ignorant little bitch. People like this make me so sad.
  27. phfem said: Who actually cares enough to make a video about it?
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    Full of shit. If a boy wants to be a girl, he deserves that right. She’ll be just as much of a girl as the rest of us....
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    It’s so upsetting that some people are so intolerant.
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    i’m not even surprised that she’s wearing that necklace.
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    This depresses me. I was a Girl Scout for many years and to me, the group seemed to be one that promoted fairness,...