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November 5, 2010 // 12:57 // 3 years ago
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    Well, O’Reilly (less so) and Hannity (moreso) try to play their shows off as a legitimate news show (Well they used to,...
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    Or… instead of taking “sides” and caring about whether Democrats or Republicans look worse, we can just say that bad...
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    I feel that if this same exact thing had happened to O’Reilly or Hannity, nobody would spend a second defending them.
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    This really, REALLY scares me.
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    All of these are poor arguments. Keith Olberman signed an employment contract which strictly prohibits donations. This...
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    The bold part (bold added by me) is an EXCELLENT point.
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    I don’t care for Keith Olbermann (he’s too bombastic, though I do agree with him on a lot), but was there ever any doubt...
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    I wish I could agree but I don’t. One of the last hopes we have for un-slanted information (in an age when we are...
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    I think you make a good case and agree with you that the case for impartiality and objectivity has largely gone too far...
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    I’m diving in half-cocked and partially informed, as usual, but I may as well stay consistent. What probably is the...
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    Everyone should take a look at this thread; it’s something a lot of journalism academics and ethicists have been talking...
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    I’d give Mark a +1 on his comment as well. Alas, I can’t because of the following: The Supreme Court did NOT rule that...
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    Me: I am not a member of any political party. This is because during my entire career working as a journalist, I was...