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What the heck, Mediaite? Why do you just let your writer just drop an ad-hominem attack on the subject of an article, unchecked? It’s one thing to disagree with Michael Moore; plenty of people do this already. Frances Martel took it a step further by calling Michael Moore a communist in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE of a story, then drawing reference to it at the very end of said story. Uncalled-for.

October 29, 2011 // 12:49 // 2 years ago
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    Maybe its because he ended his “Capitalism…” movie with the Bolshevik Anthem? "Ending on the notes of the...
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    Calling Michael Moore a communist is an insult to actual communists. Try again, bub.
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  6. chinneths said: what a douche… i mean mr martel ofcourse
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    "a number used to dehumanize the top tier of America’s breadwinners" lol seriously? fuq da bitch that wrote this lol
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    Mediaite is horrible. They like...pretend to be judges
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    We have zero plans to merge, partner, or anything of the sort with mediaite. That story was utter bullshit. (Reporter...
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