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So, uh, Slate redesigned today. They had to. Their old CMS was five days older than the original iPod. But as fans of the site, we see a bit of a problem. It’s the front page. The inside pages aren’t so bad. But the front seems to have crammed as much as possible into every square inch of space. White space is a tad lacking. Slate is a great site known for its relatively clean design. This flies in the face of that. We’re worried. What do you all think?

September 29, 2011 // 14:49 // 3 years ago
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  1. selloutsamizdat answered: Crowded and confusing. But I will get used to it.
  2. stephieotto answered: It sure is crownded!
  3. gbattle answered: can’t. unsee. this.
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    Et alors ? Quels liens avec ? Aucun lien de vers
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    founder and prodigal CEO David Plotz...on NPR today talking about an American Spring, akin...
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    So, uh, Slate redesigned today. They had to. Their old CMS was five days older than the original iPod. But as fans of...
  7. lovuikeng answered: I don’t remember hitting the site much anymore after Michael Kinsley left
  8. thetoughlady answered: Way too busy. I like the old, old Slate, and I always thought TBG, that you designed all those years ago, Ernie, looked like Slate.
  9. ucsdhealthsciences said: YES! Also, when I clicked on an article, it opened in a new window (personal pet peeve) and the page kept reloading itself. Grrr …
  10. texasbrian answered: OMFG
  11. gamerchick02 answered: Eeep, too busy. I’m no designer, but whoa.
  12. mythopoetic-monsterling answered: Well, it certainly, uh… shows Slate has a rather large amount of.. content. Yep.
  13. thewayofmei answered: ugh. WAY too busy and crammed in. It looks like they wanted all the toys all on their page.
  14. guessir answered: Agreed — why take design cues from HuffPo?
  15. jacquesofalltrades answered: well, it crashed three times while I was trying to load the page, so that can’t be good!
  16. eatsalaska answered: Not a clean Slate, gotta say….
  17. randomactsofchaos answered: I hate it when sites try to cram so much content onto their homepages - it’s confusing, annoying, and an aesthetic nightmare.
  18. melsanie said: it’s almost as bad as the front page. #shudder
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    If there was a reality show on Bravo called “Disastrous Web Site Redesigns” it would just be about this
  20. thenewhotness said: yuck
  21. the-wolfbats answered: Far too busy.
  22. narrowerstairs answered: I agree. It’s far too busy. I actually thought the old picture window of top stories worked well.
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