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Strange timing: Two daughters of high-profile politicians die in same week

  • Kennedy Friday, Kara Kennedy, daughter of Ted, died while at a DC-area health club. It was announced Saturday. She was just 51. A former lung cancer sufferer, her brother Patrick, a former congressman himself, thinks that the cancer (which she beat a number of years ago) took a long-term toll on her. ”Her heart gave out,” he said.
  • Mondale Meanwhile, Eleanor Mondale, the daughter of Walter, died Saturday after a long battle with brain cancer. She was also just 51. A former TV broadcaster, she was noted for her high-profile personal life: She once dated Warren Zevon and Arnold Schwarzenegger and was married to Minneapolis rocker Chan Poling at the time of her death. source

» Correction: Kara Kennedy died on Friday night, not Saturday as previously reported. It was announced Saturday, however. Apologies. The article reflects the change.

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September 17, 2011 // 14:18 // 3 years ago
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