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US Supreme Court issues stay in execution of Texas inmate

  • NO Duane Buck won’t be executed tonight source

» What happened: In 1995, Buck was convicted of double-murder in Houston, Texas, and sentenced to death. Buck’s guilt is not being disputed; however, during the sentencing phase, a psychologist testified that black criminals are more likely than other races to pose a threat to the public if released. Buck’s lawyers contest that this testimony—which was denounced in 2000 by then-Texas Attorney General John Cornyn—played a role in Buck’s sentence, and asked Governor Rick Perry and the district attorney to grant Buck a retrial. Perry and the DA refused the request, but the US Supreme Court intervened today, issuing a stay in his execution just four hours before his execution was set to take place. The court has yet to rule on a request for a resentencing.

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September 15, 2011 // 22:33 // 3 years ago
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